Winter Pop Up Shop comes to a close….

Thank you to all the fashionistas who came through for today’s Pop Up Shop. I’m truly grateful for the support of Sassy Thrifters Organizer Tameka, Sekile from Polyester Soul and Beatriz from Beautiful Vintage. You ladies rock!!!

I will be spending the next few months searching for more fabulous finds and preparing for the Spring Pop Up Shop. Keep following the blog for details. See you soon.

My Family…..A legacy continued

Good morning Sewists, Frugalistas and Vintage Lovers😘

I’d like to share with you a bit of my family history. My great grandmother, who I affectionately called Miss Moss, pictured on the far left was the eldest of 13 children.

Miss Moss made all the dresses for her sisters pictured above. Her couture dressmaking skills were the best I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m so fortunate to have had her as my first sewing teacher. She was kind and patient with me and helped to cultivate my love for sewing and designing. I know she is looking down feeling pleased that I am continuing her legacy by producing quality couture clothing. She paid particular attention to detail and didn’t stop until she got it right.

When I was nine years old I begged my mom and my grandmother to allow me to use the sewing machine. My persistence fell on deaf ears for everyone except Miss Moss. She allowed me to sit with her and pin fabrics to prepare for her to sew. I can remember how happy I was and how surprised she was at how quickly I picked up on her instructions. In a matter of weeks I went from threading her needles to pinning fabric to cutting patterns. The first summer I spent with her sewing I made my first pair of shorts and a skirt. From there the rest is history.

Her daughter my grandmother  (pictured above) was the epitome of style and grace. She was a seamstress as well however Miss Moss designed and sewed her beautiful dresses as well. I’ve come across some beautiful photos of her wearing some fabulous clothes. Oh how I wish I could peruse her closets.

Looking at these photos is so inspiring to me. It reinforces my love for vintage clothing as as my love for designing clothing. 👗

The legacy continues……

Come get your fabulous vintage finds on Sunday

Love thrift store and vintage finds but don’t have the time? Come Join us at Sew Frugal’s Winter Vintage PoP Up ShOp on January 29th from 10-5pm. 
Sew Frugal carefully selects unique Vintage and Pre Loved clothing that is one of a kind and thoughtfully curated for todays styles. Clothing sizes range from 4-16. Shoes sizes 6-8.
Sew Frugal’s Vintage Winter Pop up shop by appointment only. Click the link to schedule your appointment today. You will receive a confirmation email with the address on Friday.

Thanks to PolyesterSoul for the black vintage dressed pictured above. #ILoveVintage #PolyesterSoulVintage

Pop up shop!

Join Sew Frugal on Jan 29th from 10-4pm for our first Pop Up Shop. By appointment only. Send an email for an appointment. with Pop Up Shop in the Subject.

Items available at the pop up shop will be posted on the blog over the next week.


What’s new at Sew Frugal?

Good morning lovelies!!😘

Thank you to everyone for all the happy new year wishes and thanks for following Sew Frugal over the past few years. We have some great things in store for you in 2017.

First and foremost our first pop up store for 2017. Mark you calendars for Jan 22. Email us for an appointment. Items available will be posted here on the blog. Can’t make it to the pop up? No problem. We can ship your items to you.

Sew Frugal is constantly adding more inventory. Check out us out on IGn@SewFrugal and on FB

Sewing classes are returning!! We are planning our late winter early spring schedule now. So dust off those sewing machines and get ready to create beautiful items. Private sewing lessons will be available. 

More to come……

Sneak peak of some of the items available for the upcoming pop up:

We’re Baaaaack!!

SewFrugal is back after a long and much needed hiatus. Sew Frugal will soon resume highlighting everything #vintage #fashionable #frugal and sewn. 👗👛👜Sew Frugal & Fashionable is getting refocused on #thrifting and #refashioning in 2017. 

With that in mind SewFrugal recently went on a mission to find various strands of pearls. If you have followed my running IG page you are familiar with #RunsWithPearls I love pearls and believe they can be worn with anything from jeans to ball gowns. Recently I misplaced my favorite strand of pearls. Devastating!! 

Needless to say I nearly wiped out a few #vintage #Thrift stores on the north side of Chicago. Here are a few #fabulousfinds

Looking forward to rocking these in the near future. #pearls #pearlnecklace #fashion

Oh here we go. Pearls sufficiently rocked!

Ebay items are going up

Recently SewFrugal decided to get back to selling a few items on eBay and what a joy it has been. 

While I have been in the process of decluttering I realized I have many great items that really don’t belong in the thrift store. From dresses to tablewear to shoes I plan to offer a few unique items and welcome your feedback.

See below for picks and links: 


Thrifting Thursday’s – Pantaloons👖👖👖👖

Thrifting Thursday! 

Sew Frugal is slowly but surely getting back to thrifting and we are beginning with “Thrifting Thursday’s”. On Thursday’s we will showcase the latest thrift scores and we welcome guest thrifters. 

This week we addressed the need for work pants and jeans. SF Scored three pairs of slacks three pairs of jeans and a fun pair of capri’s. 

Total spent $40. 
All slacks are fully lined. Banana republic and Ralph Lauren. Slightly flared leg, one with cuffs and flat front straight legged. The jeans, Abercrombie and Fitch, Gap 1969 and lucky brand jeans. Straight and flared. Gotta have some variety with styles changing so quickly.

 #HappyThrifter #ThriftingThursdays 

Thrifting Thursday, happy thrifter, sassy thrifter, pants thrifting 


Edited4Goodwill – Spring Trunk Show #blog4good

One of my favorite Goodwill events took place last week. Edited 4 Goodwill Spring Trunk Show.


This years event took place the week before Goodwill Industries Week which is an annual celebration of Goodwill Greater Washington’s mission to provide free job training and employment services to people with disabilities and disadvantages. The theme this year is Blog4good. I’m excited to support this event which was held at the Pepco Edison Place Gallery Wednesday and Thursday last week.


The main reason I enjoy this event so much is because Goodwill selects the best stuff for their Edited4Goodwill trunk show. The higher end labels and the merchandise that’s in the best condition is what makes its way to the showroom floor. I’m always looking for brand names so this makes shopping thrift easy peasy.


During my lunch hour I hopped in my car and hightailed it over to the Pepco Gallery. I only had and hour and I needed to make every moment count.

The first few items I picked up was this gray Jones of NY suit. Needed to replace an old gray suit that is overdue for retirement. This beige BCBG wrap dress and these plaid skinny pants. The pants aren’t quite my style but I’m always looking for that one interesting piece I can add to my wardrobe.


My most fabulous find that afternoon was this Victor Costa for Neiman Marcus lace gown with fur collar and sleeves. This vintage piece is almost a perfect fit. With a few minor alterations it will be ready for prime time.


Later this week I will share pics of the other great finds at last weeks Edited4Goodwill.

Happy Thrifting


Goodwill Industries Week #blog4good


This week is Goodwill Industries week which is an annual celebration of Goodwill of Greater Washington’s mission to provide free job training and employment services to people with disabilities and disadvantages.

Did you know the unemployment rate in DC is up almost 3% from 6 years ago. People in our communities need skills, education and resources and Goodwill is working hard to provide that. In honor of Goodwill Industries week I’m taking a break from my regular blog posts to share something with you that I think is important.

You know Goodwill. They’re the place you take all the stuff you don’t want anymore. Some of you know them for one of the best places where you can find some great deals on pre owned merchandise. But, do you know why Goodwill accepts your donations? Do you know where the proceeds from those retail sales go? I implore you to give this some thought.

blog4good DC 2013

Goodwill helps people find jobs. In this tough economy the long-term unemployed are facing real challenges.  What Goodwill offers is a greatly needed resource. Many of the people Goodwill is servicing are people who live in our communities. Everyday people who have children who attend our schools. Everyday people who are looking for a way to become self-sufficient. Goodwill of Greater Washington’s provides these people with job training and employment services.  Their goal is to give people with disabilities and disadvantages the tools they need to give back to society.

Just a little background on Goodwill of Greater Washington: In 2013, Goodwill directly affected the lives of more than 6,000 of our neighbors. These are people who have re-found the dignity that comes with being a contributing member of our society. Goodwill also diverted over 25 million of trash from local landfills through their donation program. In addition to training people for jobs, placing them into jobs, providing consumers with access to quality, low-cost goods, and acting as one our region’s largest recyclers, Goodwill is also a job developer. With each new store and donation center that Goodwill opens, 25-30 new jobs are created. I enjoy being a proud supporter of Goodwill and look forward to working with them in the future while continuing to highlight the fantastic finds and treasures I uncover on occasion.

If you could walk in someone else’s shoes for just one day would you help them?

b4gbutton125x125 (1)

Furthermore, if you’d like to learn more about Goodwill of Greater Washington, find their nearest store or donation center, or get involved, please visit or download their free mobile app from the iTunes app store. Tomorrow I will share with you some great buys from the most recent Edited4Goodwill sale that took place last week.


Friday Love from DC Goodwill Fashionista

Fashionista Friday: Jen’s new nude shoes

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No GravatarNine West heels at Goodwill“I love having small feet,” Jen declared on Instagram upon finding these never-worn Nine West heels at DC Goodwill.

It’s easy to be jealous! Finding shoes is often one of the biggest challenges of shopping secondhand. Clothing that’s a bit too big can be tailored, but you can’t do much about the size of a shoe. Either it fits, or it doesn’t. If the fit isn’t quite right, you risk being miserable and having the blisters to prove it.

But Jen, who you may remember from previous events and guest blog posts as the lady behind Sew Frugal and Fashionable, is a pro at finding bargains—and she hit the jackpot this time.

How to wear them? Remember, nude shoes are indeed a neutral. You can pair them with almost any outfit. Jen always looks polished, whether it’s the weekend or she’s come to an event straight from work. I’m sure she’ll get plenty of wear out of this “new to her” pair this spring!

Thanks for shopping Goodwill, Jen! You’ll always be a Fashionista.

Want to be a Goodwill Fashionista? Send a photo of your latest Goodwill find to If we feature your look here, you’ll get a badge to share on your blog or site to show everyone that you’re a savvy Goodwill Fashionista!


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This is why I swap

Those of you who have followed the blog over the past couple of years know that I am a strong proponent of swapping. This is the concept of trading your new or nearly new items for another persons new or nearly new items. What a novel idea right? The best part? It won’t cost you much. Sometimes $10-25.

Last week once again I attended a swap party at the Junior League and it did not disappoint.

I managed to gather several unworn items from my closet the night before. A few were a bit difficult to part with but something about “you get what you give” came to mind and I decided to give a little more. 15 items total I took to the swap.



I actually brought 4 pairs of shoes and that took my total to 19. Although they only required 5-10 items I have so much I need to get rid of I could have brought 20 more items.

While we were waiting for the organizers to prepare the room we enjoyed salad, bread and wine. I enjoyed great conversation in a relaxing atmosphere with the members of the Junior League.

Many of you know that I block out time on my schedule every year for the Annual Tossed and Found Rummage sale sponsored by the Junior League. The event is coming up in two weeks and I am so excited! Blog post coming later…..

Back to the swap:

It was interesting the way they organized this years swap. You were given a tag for each item and you turned those tags in after you grabbed your items.


I managed to find 8 items that I thought were great. One item in particular stole the entire show.



No your eyes are not deceiving you. This Rena Lange dress was originally priced at. $1895.00. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Of course I googled the designer and found many other beautiful creations. What a great find!!!